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Right by Iceelace

Wheeee critique time! Now, don't let the low rating discourage you, and do hear me out. I understand that you said you haven't spent too much time on this piece but here it goes. First thing I'd like to point out is the anatomy of the head, Romana's head is about half the size of her body. I'm not entirely certain if you were going for a bit of a chibi look but her head needs to be shrunken and condensed. As for Antonia, I know just how hard side views can be but her head could use a little more definition in the back and her hair could use a little volume, so it doesn't look like it's glued to her head. Also the breasts, they seem to come down at a bit of a strange slope, I recommend that as you are sketching your next female, try drawing circular shape as opposed to an ovular as you are doing. Also with clothing, no matter how tight, you always want it to be slightly bigger than the body it's fitting on (in certain circumstances) and as for folds, I would just play with cloth or a shirt and just examine how it folds and moves with the wearer. Finally, with Antonia leaning forward I personally feel that her arm should really be doing something like grabbing onto Romana or holding herself as if she were leaning onto something as opposed to having her arm hang limp. You may also want to extend her behind or stomach to show more of her bod and look more like a body type someone would have as opposed to having giant breasts with a pencil thin body. Keep up the good work and I really hope you take my advice to heart. :>
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